Its not just your LIFE.

living in someone else’s dream is like a bird with clipped wings It looks up to freedom,but can only walk and attempt to fly.To its fate,it is picked up by owner and placed back in its cage.


Its sad that some of us have to wait to hit that LOW POINT in order for us to wake up.We all have had our own individual experiences,and i am sure there have been times in your life where you have felt lost and confused.It may be some way now.When you face real difficulty through life experiences,it is up to you to grow in those times.Ask your self Problem or Choice ? Think about it.Are they really problems or do u have vast array of choices to make in those times? The word problem is far too restrictive.we are always faced with numerous options to direct our focus.Next time when you say i have a Problem change it to I have a Choice and see how different you feel or else just like a bird you have to act as your owner wants you to.


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