Social Media-Ruining your LIFE

Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and Whatever it s..


These are most important things from the time you wake up and last go to bed.Really,is it so important?.Not only Teenagers the Child,Mother,Father,Grandfather,Uncle,Aunties like really,Everyone is in to it.It makes me feel sick,irritated ,yet a times even frustrated Because I will tell you why,This so called social is dragging you away from your life,the moments you spend are not really felt,the food is not properly eaten because of angles you take for a picture to post it,the place you see is missing its importance only because you are busy clicking selfie Like really? Is it so important to show it to the society,to your friends and so(Google has it all). Don’t you think its making you naked and not hiding anything,not even your personal Life.

The pressure you have in making a good status,a good comment,to please someone is making you invisible of the reality and these things doesn’t come naturally,you are constantly thinking about posting it and showing it,and then waiting to see how many of them liked it or commented,Is it so important, that others should like or comment on your personal life,It just reveals your deepest physic,lunatic vulnerability.

Stop posting,recording it all the time,Instead feel it,cherish it,its adds to your character,Feel the warmth of the nature,look into the child’s eyes which is just born,Appreciate the chef who has made such a delicious food,Know the history of a place,Admire the beauty of your surrounding and So.STOP BEING ADDICTED TO IT AND GET A LIFE BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA.


Author: Rohini POL

Someone who has been emotionally touched by so many people in life never have the words to express how it feels.Words are like a grain of sand in ocean compared to the enormity of gratitude i feel towards the people.

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