After so many years,I finally began to live.I discovered that I was actually slowly dying before.Most people believe that they are getting closer to death by physically growing.They fear the number of of their years as they start to increase.They think that every year passed is another step to leaving this earth,and they get depressed.But why would you don’t even make the most of it when you are alive? When you are self aware of your actions,it is complete opposite.You acknowledge that every year that passes is another year you have learnt how to live!

We surround ourselves with stress,worry,selfishness,sadness,hate and every other feeling that kills us.Not just physically,but mentally financially,and spiritually.It takes every part of our life,directly or indirectly and affects most. Don’t just live because you were born,embrace that you were actually born to live.Just because you are alive it doesn’t mean you are living.This is why it seems so many only begin to live when they finally stare death in face.


Author: Rohini POL

Someone who has been emotionally touched by so many people in life never have the words to express how it feels.Words are like a grain of sand in ocean compared to the enormity of gratitude i feel towards the people.

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